Rules & Regulations


The Board of Directors may impose fines on owners for Rules violations. Fines will be no less than $25 per occurrence. Owners wishing to challenge a fine may take their grievance to a committee of owners to be appointed by the Board. The Grievance Committee will evaluate the occurrence and make judgments on behalf of the best interest of the Association.


  1. Owners must maintain their individual units in such a manner that no other units are damaged.  Owners must keep the premises in a clean and sanitary condition.
  2. Water heaters should be replaced every 15 years. Leaks from water heaters not replaced as recommended can result in the owner’s financial responsibility for any repairs needed as a result of the leak, both in his/her own unit and any other units affected.
  3. The portions of all window coverings visible from outside a unit must be white. 
  4. Only professionally made hurricane shutters should be installed to protect units from severe weather; no plywood should be nailed to the buildings. Hurricane shutters should be white or in a color that matches the building as closely as possible.
  5. The Board must pre-approve any exterior building painting, decorating, or appearance changes. 
  6. Luggage dollies and carts are available for the convenience of everyone.  Immediately after use, please return the carts to the designated first floor area.
  7. The stairwells, walkways, and building equipment rooms must be kept clear at all times, and not used for storage.  This includes items such as bikes, luggage, floats, and ice chests.  Firewood may be stored only behind a wall or screen outside the door or in the storage room of units having fireplaces.
  8. Children are not permitted to play or loiter in the halls, balconies, stairwells, or elevators. 
  9. Any problem with an elevator caused by an owner’s family member or their guests jumping or playing inside it will result in the owner being charged for any maintenance costs involved to reset or repair the elevator.
  10. All garbage must be bagged in plastic, sealed, and put in the trash chutes or dumpsters.  Never put large items, construction materials, or seafood in the chutes.  Please put them in the outside dumpsters. Nothing is to be placed beside a dumpster. 
  11. Owners and their contractors must remove construction materials, debris, and large appliances from the premises.  Owners will be charged for excessive trash removal. It is owner responsibility to ensure their contractors bring their own work carts and supplies. Contractors must NOT use Shipwatch carts or dumpsters. There will be a charge to the owner if their contractor fills a Shipwatch dumpster, in the amount billed to the Association plus a $25 fine. Contractors and owners may work in units Monday – Friday between the hours of 9am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday 10 am – 6 pm. Exceptions can be made for emergency repairs (such as a/c).
  12. No signs, advertisements, notices, antennas, or aerials may be placed on the common elements, nor can they be placed in a unit, its balcony, or its patio in such a manner as to be visible from the outside. 
  13. Owners may not add personal touches or items to the common elements without prior written approval by the Board of Directors.


  1. Bikes, toys, equipment, clotheslines, and cleaning supplies are not to be stored on balconies or patios.
  2. All grills and open flame fires are prohibited on balconies and within 10 feet of each residential building.
  3. Railings may not be used for drying or hanging clothes, swimsuits, towels, rugs, etc.
  4. Please be courteous of other people below your unit. Do not drop or throw anything from balconies; do not sweep or use a blower to clean debris off the edge of your balcony; and do not pour water or empty coolers off the balcony or front walkway.


  1. Glassware may not be used on the beach, in the health club, or in the pool area.
  2. Use the boardwalks to and from the beach.  Do not enter the dune area.
  3. Bonfires and fireworks are prohibited.  Violators may be reported to the authorities.
  4. Swim at your own risk.  There is no lifeguard on the beach or at the pools.
  5. No diapers except swim diapers are allowed on children in the pool.  Large floats are not allowed in the pool.
  6. Everyone must shower before entering the pool.
  7. Chairs are not reserved.  All towels and coolers shall be removed when furniture is not in use.  All items left overnight shall be disposed of. 
  8. An adult must supervise all children under age 16 who are in the pool, and all under the age of 12 who are in the pool area.
  9. The health club may be accessed by key.  No child under the age of 14 years may enter the fitness room, and children between the ages of 14 and 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  10. Everyone coming from the beach/pool areas must dry off if wet before entering the elevators.
  11. Smoking is not permitted in the pool areas.


  1. The tennis courts are open on a first come, first serve basis.  They are not to be used for any purpose other than playing tennis.  Light control switches are located outside the gate next to the deck.  Please turn off lights and close gate when leaving. 
  2. Glassware is prohibited on the tennis courts.
  3. Only soft-soled shoes are allowed on courts.
  4. Roller skates/blades, skateboards, and mechanized equipment may not be used on the tennis courts.


  1. Only owners (not guests, family members, or renters) may have pets on the Shipwatch premises. 
  2. Pets must be kept on a leash.
  3. Owners must clean up after their pets. 
  4. Pets are not allowed on the beach, in the pool, or in the pool/health club areas at any time.
  5. Pets are limited to a total of two, either dogs or cats or one dog and one cat. Owners are responsible for any damages by their pets to the common areas and will be billed accordingly.


  1. All vehicles, boats, and trailers must be registered with the office and must visibly display Shipwatch decals or temporary permits. Unregistered vehicles may be towed. 
  2. If you cannot visit the office during open hours, simply contact the office to leave decals or permits for you or your guests in the office mailbox.
  3. Each unit will be assigned two owner parking decals. Owners who would like more parking permits for additional members of their groups may purchase permanent guest parking permits, or they may request temporary parking permits.
  4. Recreational vehicles, mobile homes, U-Hauls, utility trailers and the like are prohibited on Shipwatch property.
  5. Parking is first come, first serve. Owners and guests are not permitted to block off, reserve or save parking spaces in the parking lot or boat yard.


  1. Boat owners are responsible for all damages they cause.
  2. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed out on docks without adult supervision.
  3. Please relock the ramp gate if launching from a trailer.
  4. Fishing gear, bait, and crab traps on the docks are private property and are not for use by anyone other than their owners.
  5. The boat yards are not for storage of unused trailers or equipment. Boats, PWC’s (personal water craft) and boating equipment in good repair are permitted in the boat yard. Abandoned or unidentified boats and boat trailers or any equipment not maintained will be disposed of. Owners must provide registration and insurance information to the office each year. Both the trailers and the boats must have decals.
  6. Identified owners in violation will be notified. If the issue is not corrected within 60days, the boat, trailer, or equipment will be towed at owner expense.
  7. The medium and large boat slips are reserved and will have an owner’s name and phone number listed on the sign. 
  8. Any owner who wishes to be placed on the boat slip waiting list should notify the office.  When assigned a slip, you will have a 6 year renewal option. The leasing fee must be received by the office in full before April 15 each year, and copies of your registration and insurance must be provided each year. Otherwise, the slip will be reassigned to the next name on the waiting list.
  9. Annual lease fee for large slips (up to 60 feet long) is $600; medium slips (up to 36 feet long) $545.
  10. The small boat slips are first come, first serve and are located on the south side of the pier. The slips may not be roped off to reserve or save a slip.
  11. Any connections to the two power stations will be charged at $10/day or $50/week.
  12. Owners’ boats with trailers shall be parked in the boat yard lot as long as space is available.  In the absence of such space, owners’ boats and/or trailers shall be parked in the overflow boat yard (the unpaved lot adjacent to the tennis courts).  If both boat yards are full, boat trailers may be parked on the back parking line of the adjacent paved lot, provided protection is placed under the trailer tongue support.  No other boat trailer parking is allowed.
  13. Guests may use the launch when a maintenance worker is on site (normally 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) to open the gate access for the launch.  Maintenance phone numbers are listed in front of the Shipwatch office.   


Rental owners choosing not to use a rental management company are electing to be their own rental managers. They are responsible (not the Association office) for all the needs and requests of their renters, including providing keys to their unit and the fitness room and parking passes. 

Rental owners will be charged a $75 fee for the Association office to provide a packet with keys and parking passes for your renters. 

There will be a $50 charge to the owner for any requests by a renter to the office, such as requests for the exterminator, spa keys, or any other rental need that comes from your guests to the office.   

Please instruct your renters that they must contact their rental manager (you) for any of their needs and requests in order to avoid these fees. 


  1. Owners, please use discretion after hours and call only for emergencies.  Although inconvenient, lockouts are not emergencies.  You may call the security company (number on vendor page of website and posted outside office) for lockouts. There may be a charge from the security company which will be billed directly to the owner. Emergency numbers are posted outside the office and on the office answering machine. The office number is 850-492-0111, for owners only. 
  2. There will be a $25 charge for non-emergency calls to maintenance after hours. The maintenance staff’s phones are for communication during working hours or for true emergencies only after hours. Renters should call their rental manager for their needs, not the office or staff. Renters calling the maintenance staff for a non-emergency will result in a $25 fine to the owner.
  3. Owners are responsible for family members, renters, employees, agents, and guests and for any damage caused by them. Owners are responsible to arrange for keys and parking passes. Please do not allow your guests to call or come to the office trying to make their own arrangements. The office will never give your keys to anyone unless YOU make the arrangements.
  4. Please notify the office for permission to give out your keys to contractors or others.  The office cannot allow unauthorized access to your unit.
  5. The maximum number of people allowed to stay in each type of unit is as follows:  2 bedrooms – 6 people, 3 bedrooms – 8 people, 4 bedrooms – 10 people
  6. At least one adult must occupy each unit in which one or more minors are staying.
  7. Any needed repair to property for which Shipwatch is responsible should be reported by owners to the office. 
  8. Florida Statutes require all condominium owners to provide management with keys with access to their units in case of emergencies. 
  9. All units will have only one Primary contact person who is responsible for all communications with the Association office. All other family members, guests, or members of Partnerships or LLC’s should refrain from calling or emailing the office. The Primary contact person of your unit is your go-to contact, not the Association office. Family members, partner members, and guests must contact the Primary to call or email the office to authorize any work orders, discuss billing, authorize a key, etc.
  10. The staff works for Shipwatch Condominium Association, Inc., not for individual owners or their guests. Owners may not attempt to give staff instructions or cause interference with their work. Maintenance requests should go through the office, not made directly to maintenance staff, so work orders can be written. Further, owners and guests may not attempt to interfere with, give direction to, or harass vendors or contractors who are on property for Association business.
  11. No drones are permitted for use on Shipwatch property except as arranged by management for Association use only.
  12. Do not climb trees on Shipwatch property.
  13. Please remember condominiums are community living, and show consideration to your neighbors by limiting noise nuisance. Keep music at a reasonable level, and bring any loud activities to an end by 10 p.m.


  1. Only the owner of a unit may reserve a clubhouse, and the office cannot accept a deposit check from a party other than the owner.
  2. The owner must sign a clubhouse reservation contract prior to use, and there will be no exceptions.The owner will assume liability for any guest who will be using the clubhouse.
  3. A refundable deposit check of $150 is required in order to secure a reservation for either clubhouse. The clubhouses must be restored to pre-use status on the morning after each use.  Deposit checks will be refunded unless there are damages or the clubhouse is not properly cleaned.  The owner will be billed for any additional charges incurred for damages by you or your guests. 
  4. Keys can be picked up on the day you intend to use the clubhouse. While the key is in your possession, you are responsible for any and all damages to the clubhouse or its contents.  Keys must be returned within 24 hours or before the next reservation, whichever comes first.  If the office is closed, you may leave the key in the locked mailbox outside the office door. (Call for code.)
  5. Each owner may only reserve the clubhouses for one day in a 14 day period. This gives everyone a chance to use the buildings during busy times.
  6. Sleeping is not permitted in clubhouses. Frying, grilling, or any cooking involving smoke or grease-laden vapors is not allowed in the kitchen per the fire marshal.
  7. No smoking in the clubhouses.
  8. Before leaving the clubhouse, please ensure the following are complete:
  • All personal items are removed
  • Refrigerator is cleaned out and all unwanted items are discarded
  • Trash from kitchen and bathroom is emptied
  • All doors are locked
  • Lights are turned off
  • Dirty tablecloths are set on the floor beside the entrance door
  • AC is set to 78˚ in summer or OFF in the winter


Sheds are a limited common element, belonging to individual owners. Space for a shed is leased from the Association for $5 per month. You may notify the office if you wish to be placed on a waiting list should a shed become available. However, an owner selling a shed is not committed to having to contact those on the waiting list. (For example, he/she may choose to make the shed part of the sale of their unit.)

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